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How do I add the mobile app to the home screen of my phone?
How do I add the mobile app to the home screen of my phone?
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In this article we quickly explain how you can add the HoorayHR web application to your mobile home screen.


  1. Go to on your mobile phone

  2. Tap the "Share" button at the bottom (iPad: at the top) of the screen (looks like a square with an arrow at the top).

  3. Tap "Add to home screen".

  4. You'll see the name that will appear on the home screen and the website address. Tap "Add".

The shortcut to the webapp of HoorayHR is now between the apps on the home screen.
Do you want to delete the shortcut? Then tap on the shortcut and hold. Then tap "Delete bookmark" > "Delete".


  1. Open the Chrome browser

  2. At the top right, tap the sign with the three dots

  3. Tap "Add to home screen"

  4. Give the site a name you'll recognise or keep the existing name

  5. Tap "Add" and if needed another time "Add".

The shortcut to HoorayHR is now on the home screen of the phone. In case you don't like this, press and hold the shortcut. Drag the item upwards towards "Delete" or tap "Delete from Start" or "Delete".

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