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How do I create holidays with unlimited hours?
How do I create holidays with unlimited hours?

Learn how to set up a holiday allowance with unlimited hours.

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In case you want to give employees an unlimited amount of holidays, you can set this up with the leave type "Holidays with an unlimited budget".

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Haven't you created this leave type yet? Read more about how to do this. Below we discuss how to configure the settings as you wish.

  • General

  • Leave allowance

  • Unused hours

  • Advanced

Settings / General

In the General section, give the leave type its own name (1) and choose the display style (2). Do you want newly added colleagues to be automatically assigned this leave type? Then check the box for automatic assignment (3).

Settings / Leave allowance

Calculation type

Normally the amount of holidays in HoorayHR is calculated based on the schedule that has been set up for each employee. This does not apply to unlimited holidays.

The calculation type is "Unlimited budget".

Settings / Advanced

Automatic approval

When you want the leave requests to be automatically be approved by the system, then select this option. Also set the maximum amount of hours that can be approved per request.

Hide the name of the leave type in the calendar

By default, all colleagues can see in the calendar what type of leave someone is on. Convenient, then you know if someone is on holiday, or on maternity leave, for example. If you do not want colleagues to be able to see this for this leave type, select this option. The employee who is on leave is then listed as "not present" in the calendar - without indicating which type of leave.

Offsetting mandatory free days

If you have set mandatory days off for your employees (in the feature "Holidays"), select this option to offset those days against the leave budget of this leave type.

It is common to select this option only for the leave type "Holidays". In fact, mandatory days off are then deducted from the holidays.

Please note that if someone has two leave types assigned with this option checked, the mandatory days off will be deducted from both leave allowances.

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