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FAQ - Settings for types of leave
How can I create a leave type with an unlimited budget?
How can I create a leave type with an unlimited budget?

Learn to create an unlimited leave allowance.

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In some cases you might want to appoint an unlimited budget to your employees in the HoorayHR workspace.
You may have several reasons, such as:

  • you want give your employees this responsibility

  • you want your employees to have a special leave option (i.e. for visits to the doctor and dentist appointments) without it being taken off of their holidays

Setting unlimited leave

Tip! Do you want to assign an unlimited amount of holidays? Then pick the template "Holidays with an unlimited budget" in step 3, so everything will be arranged for you!

Step 1
Navigate to Leave -> Leave types.

Step 2
Click on "Add leave type".

Step 3
Pick "New leave type".

Step 4
Set a name and display for the leave type.

Step 5
Select "Unlimited leave" under "Calculation type".

Step 6
Check the other settings.

Step 7
Save the leave type and then appoint it to your colleagues.

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