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Settings: Adjusting company settings to your needs
Settings: Adjusting company settings to your needs

How many hours of leave per FTE does each employee get? How do I set the language settings? We’ll help you in this article!

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The starting point of setting up your HoorayHR account starts with entering the correct settings for the working days, FTE and number of working hours per week. Based on these numbers the annual leave allowance is automatically calculated. You can, of course, change this for each employee. You can enter the basic settings by following these steps:

  1. Click on your profile/icon within HoorayHR on the top-right.

  2. Select “Company settings“.

  3. What is the amount of hours for a standard workday in your organisation? Enter the right number

  4. Enter the amount of working hours per week.

  5. Set up the standard working days for each week.

Optional: when you have an irregular schedule, you can change the hours for alternating weeks. You can do this by clicking the “Next week is different” button.

Do you want to change the settings on an employee level? Here you’ll find the steps to set up everything correctly.

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