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Create teams and assign team leaders to organise your workspace
Create teams and assign team leaders to organise your workspace

After reading this article, you’ll know how to organise your workspace by creating teams and assigning team leaders.

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Whether you’re in a small or a large organisation, you almost always have teams to streamline the work process.

We want to help you create a great place to work where employees get a lot of autonomy.

Teams: divide the work and create structure

We use teams within HoorayHR. By putting your employees in teams you create structure ang give team leaders the possibility to handle requests for their team(s).

This takes a lot of the administrator’s shoulders and employees get quicker replies to their requests for time off, for example.

Creating teams and assigning team leaders

Step 1: creating teams

Go to Teams in the Colleagues tab to create a team. You can create multiple teams at once and assign one or more team leaders to the team(s). When you assign mulitple team leaders to one team, then all team leaders will get the requests for time off from that team.

Step 2: adding team members

After creating teams you can assign members to the team. You do this by accessing the profile of an employee and assigning a team to them. You can also assign employees to multiple teams. Don’t forget that when an employee belongs to multiple teams, then all teams will get the notifications from the team leader involved.

Filter on team overviews

Once you have created teams you can use them to filter different attributes in HoorayHR. For example, you can compare available data between teams or see team availability on the calendar.

We’ve got a separate article about that.

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