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How do I change our account’s administrator?
How do I change our account’s administrator?

Find out how to change the administrator of or add an extra administrator to your workspace.

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Of course, an administrator of your workspace may go out of office. In this case, a few steps need to be followed to ensure that your administration remains accessible.

Note: There must be at least 1 administrator in a workspace. This is because an administrator has the rights to create users and teams, among other things.

Steps for the 'current' administrator

Check whether an administrator still exists. From 'Colleagues', you can easily see who has administrator rights within your Workspace.

  1. Are you the admin and about to leave the company? Follow Option A.

  2. Does one or more administrators already exist and do you want to archive an administrator? Go to Option B.

Option A:

  1. Open the profile of your colleague who should be given admin rights.
    Does your colleague not have a profile yet? Add colleague.

  2. In the profile click More > Settings.

  3. Choose "Administrator" in the field "Rights"

  4. Save

  5. Done!

Now inform the new administrator and have him or her perform the steps described below.

Need help training the new administrator? Feel free to contact our support and we will schedule a tour together.

Steps for a 'new' administrator

To archive an administrator colleague, you must first change his or her role to a standard user; follow the steps below.

Option B:

  1. Log in again to make sure your (new) administrator rights are active.

  2. Go to the 'Colleagues' overview and search for your colleague.

  3. In the profile click More > Settings.

  4. Choose "Default user" in the field "Rights"

  5. Save

  6. Refresh the page to check that the user is now a default user and not an administrator (F5 on Windows or cmd + R on Mac).

  7. Now it is possible to tick 'Archive this user'. Tick this and choose 'Save' at the top of the screen.

Done! The former admin is now archived.

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