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Calendar integration – Outlook

Learn more about the calendar integration with Outlook

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The HoorayHR calendar is what ties HoorayHR together. You can schedule holidays, call in sick or plan a doctor's visit. Still, we understand you don't use the HoorayHR calendar every day. That's why we have enabled you to sync up with your Outlook calendar so you won't miss out on your colleagues' birthdays, have a clear overview of all holidays, and are always ablle to see which colleagues are ill or out of office. After having synchronised your Outlook calendar with HoorayHR, your schedule is always complete. We'll explain how to synchronise the calendars and how to discontinue the connection if needed.


Step 1.

Click on the integration icon at the top right of the calendar.

Step 2.

The window that pops up shows you three links:

  • The "At work" Calendar

  • The Leave Calendar (including all days off / mandatory days off / public holidays)

  • The Birthday Calendar

Copy the calendar you want to share.

Step 3.
Sign into the Outlook webversion and select the agenda icon to go to the calendar.

Select import calendar.

Select the web option when clicking import calendar. Under the calendar name you can also give the calendar it's own name. Then click Import to make the calendar visible.
Read more about importing and subscribing to calendars in Outlook.

Remove a calendar

Do you want to remove the HoorayHR calendar from Outlook? Take the following simple steps.

Step 1.
Select the Hooray calendar with the right mouse button by clicking in your calendar.

Step 2.
In the menu that opens, click "Delete calendar".

Step 3.
Click "Yes" to confirm. The calendar is now removed.

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