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You’ll learn all about how to upload documents to HoorayHR in this article.

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Employers want to keep a grip on their business, which includes all processes involved. Document management by HoorayHR makes this child’s play. Upload documents, assign them to employees, categories and labels, and set reminders in one step.


There are different ways to upload a document. You can do it from the document overview, a category overview or even from an employee’s personnel file.

Accepted file formats:

HoorayHR currently accepts the following file formats:

doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .pdf.

Select files

Step 1: Click the “Upload” button from the document overview or category overview.

Step 2: You’ll enter a so-called dropzone. You can drag and drop documents to this frame.

Step 3: After you’ve selected documents, you’ll be automatically forwarded to the upload form.

Assign employees and set expiry dates

Step 1: Automatic recognition. HoorayHR will try to assign an employee to the file based on file names. If a user cannot be matched you can always assign them manually.

Step 2: You can easily set an expiry date for each individual document.

Please note! When you’re uploading directly from an employee’s profile, this employee is already assigned to the document.

Assigning categories and labels

Step 1: Select a category

Step 2: Select a tag

Please note! When you’re uploading directly from a category, this category is automatically assigned.

Set reminders

Step 1: Select the reminders. Reminders are automatically sent based on the expiry date.

Please note! Did you already upload something to this category before? HoorayHR knows and will show the reminders.

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