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Get started with "Company assets"
Get started with "Company assets"
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Keep records easily

HoorayHR helps you keep track of all company assets. For each employee, you can create an overview of all the assets they have or have ever had on loan, from e-mail and software accounts to laptops and lease cars. So you will never lose anything again and you know exactly who you lent that keyboard to!

If your company has a very long list of assets, please contact our support team so they can assist you by using an import sheet.

Overview of all company assets

In the company assets feature, you immediately see all your company assets. You can also use the labels at the top to filter them. For example, you can easily see how many laptops or cars are registered in your name.

Insight into available assets

The "Available" or "In use" status gives you a quick overview of which assets can still be assigned to colleagues. You can also filter by clicking on the word "Status".

Fact check with employee

When a colleague leaves the company, you both have insight into which assets still need to be returned.

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