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How do you sign documents online?
How do you sign documents online?

Is it possible to sign documents online using HoorayHR? We’ll explain more about the integration Sign by!

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You can use HoorayHR to sign documents online with ease through one of our integration partners. By connecting with an online signing tool you can directly have documents signed by employees through the HoorayHR workspace. This is practical for employment contracts of non-disclosure agreements, for example.

Follow the steps outlined below to get started with signing documents online.

Connect with the integration partner

Before you can start signing documents you need to connect to your online signing tool.

If you need help activating the integration with, check out our article “Activating the Sign Integration with HoorayHR”.

Sign the document

Easy-peasy! Select which document you want to sign from the list. When you’ve opened the document you can select the arrow at the top-right corner and then select “Sign”.

Need further instructions regarding document management in HoorayHR? Read our articles here.

Select employees

A new window will open. Are there any other employees who need to sign this? Select them and then click “Next”.

Changing settings within the sign tool

You are now in your signature tool environment. Within your signature tool, you can easily indicate where signatures must be placed and you can then offer the document for signature to the colleagues who must sign it.

Signing by colleagues

Your signing tool itself sends invitations to your colleagues to sign the document. Your colleagues click on the link in the e-mail and sign (or reject) the document.


Once the document has been signed, you will receive a confirmation from your signing tool. You can then simply see within HoorayHR whether everyone has signed the document and keep a grip on the process.


The signed document can now be downloaded via HoorayHR. Go to the document in question and select the download icon. You can then choose which document you want to download:

  • The original document

  • The signed document

  • The certificate (the legal document)

Read more about activating the integration.

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