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How do I create a workflow?

In this article we’ll explain how you can create workflows in HoorayHR so you won’t lose track of your tasks anymore.

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HoorayHR offers administrators and team leaders the possibility to create workflows themselves. This way, you can put all your HR processes into convenient workflows and never forget a task!

  1. Select the Workflow feature in the menu on the left.

  2. Then click the button Start workflow.

  3. Then click “New”, or select a template if you want to use one.
    Tip: You can also create your own templates. Learn how to create a workflow template.

  4. Give your workflow a name, a deadline if needed and a description. Then select who is responsible for the workflow.

  5. You can assign tasks within a workflow. There is always one person who carries the final responsibilities, and others sharing the responsibility. Useful to keep a clear overview!

  6. Time to add your first task! Give the task a name, put in a description or comment if necessary and add a link.
    Tip: If your task is “Add contract” then select the contract you need to add and put it on the list of actions. This’ll save you time later!

  7. Click “Actions” when you’ve added all tasks. You can save your workflow as a template, just save it, or delete it. If you want to change the name you can also use this button.

Mark tasks as finished.

  1. Select the workflow you want to work on.

  2. Complete a task with the checkbox.

  3. Made a mistake? You can always unselect the checkbox.

  4. Finished all tasks? You can click “complete”.

  5. You can find all completed workflows in the archive.

Tip: You can also access the workflow you need directly from your dashboard under Pending Worflows. You can also go to 'Tasks'. You can find your pending workflows there too.

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