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Activating the Sign by integration with HoorayHR
Activating the Sign by integration with HoorayHR

How to activate the integration's Sign integration with HoorayHR

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With the integration between Sign from and HoorayHR, you can easily digitally sign documents from HoorayHR. A handy integration for having a new employee's employment contract signed 'remotely', for example. Activating the integration with Sign from is simple.

Sign from prices

You can easily subscribe to Sign by, paying per signed document (pay-per-use). The Price is 1.10 € per successfully signed document.

Registration procedure

To activate the integration with Sign, please contact your contact at HoorayHR; if you do not have a direct contact please feel free to contact HoorayHR via chat. will then send an order and once signed, credentials will be shared. A Client ID and a secret ID. These codes must be entered into HoorayHR and then you can use Sign!

Please note! You should NOT buy a bundle yourself. These bundles are not usable in HoorayHR and cannot be credited afterwards.

Activate integration Sign from & HoorayHR

Once you have an account for Sign from, you can get started connecting to HoorayHR. Follow the following steps and sign your first document within minutes!

  1. Login to your HoorayHR workspace.

  2. In the top bar, click on "Integrations".

  3. Find the integration in the list and click the blue "Activate" button.

  4. In the wizard, enter the keyId and Secret (You will receive these immediately after applying for a account. If you have not received them, please contact support).

  5. Done!

You can now start signing documents digitally. If you want to know how this works, check out the knowledge article 'How does digitally signing a document work exactly?'.

Disable integration Sign from

To disable integration with Sign from, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the integration overview in the application

  2. Click on Settings next to the active integration

  3. Open the arrow next to the Save button and choose 'Disable'

Note: Signed documents (and certificates) always remain available to users within HoorayHR.

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