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How do I create a workflow template?
How do I create a workflow template?

You’ll learn about the process in this article. After reading this, you can get started right away with creating and completing tasks!

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Administrators and team leaders can create workflow templates. This way, you can put all your HR processes into convenient workflows. A standard set of tasks, like onboarding, will be provided in one go. Isn’t that nice?

  1. Select the Workflow feature in the menu on the left.

  2. Select the templates option from the menu.

  3. Give the template a name. For example: ‘Onboarding new employee’. You can add a description if you want.

  4. Now you can enter the first task. For example: “send contract”
    Tip: If your task is “Add contract” then select the contract you need to add and put it on the list of actions. This’ll save you time later!

  5. Add all required tasks and put them in the right order.

  6. Hit “save”.

Congrats, you’ve added your first template!

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