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How does digitally signing a document work exactly?
How does digitally signing a document work exactly?

We'll show you how you can have documents signed in HoorayHR through the integration with Sign by

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You can use HoorayHR to quickly and easily have documents signed through one of our integration partners. This is useful for employment contracts or NDAs. Take the following steps to set up the integration.
โ€‹Important: Read this article first about activating the's Sign subscription.

Step 1. Connect with integration partner

Before you can start signing documents, you need to set up an integration with your signing tool of choice. In case you want to know what integrations we offer, have a look at our Digital Signing page. In case you need help activating the integration with, for example, you can check out the related article.

Step 2. Upload your document

Before you can sign a document, you need to upload it. You can easily do this in HoorayHR. If you have already uploaded your document, move on to step 3 right away.

Step 3. Sign the document

Easy! Select the document you want to sign from the list. Once you have selected it, click "share with" at the top right and pick the option "sign".

Step 4. Select colleagues

A new window will open. Are there other colleagues that need to sign as well? Then select them and click "Next".

Step 5. Configuring the settings within the signing tool

You are now in your signing tool account. You can set up where the signatures need to be plaeced and then you can share the document for signing with the colleagues that need to sign it.

Step 6. Colleagues sign the document

Your signing tool sends invites to your colleagues so they can sign the document. Your colleagues click on the link in their e-mail and (or refuse to) sign the document.

Step 7. Confirmation

Once the document has been signed, you'll receive a confirmation from your signing tool. Then you can see in HoorayHR whether everyone has signed in order to keep an overview of the process and store the documents.

Step 8. Done!

You can now download the signed document from HoorayHR. Go to the document and click on the download sign. You can decide what document you want to download:

  • The original document

  • The signed document

  • The certificate (this is the legally valid document).

Want to know more about how to activate an integration? Check out this article.

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