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Setting schedules for on-call employees
Setting schedules for on-call employees

How do I set schedules for my on-call employees? We’d be happy to assist you in this article!

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As an administrator or team leader you want to keep track of when your employees and your on-call employees work. Within HoorayHR it is easy to set a schedule for your on-call employees. This way you keep track of your office occupancy and know right away who is at work today.

Setting schedules for on-call employees

Step 1: Go to the on-call employee profile

Step 2: Go to “Employment” and then click the button that says “Actions”

Step 3: Add a new schedule

Step 4: Check the box that says “casual worker contract”

Step 5: Set whether there is a start date and/or an end date for this schedule*

Step 6: Enter when and for how many hours per day your on-call employee is available for the current week

Step 7: Click save to activate this schedule.

* You can create multiple work schedules. For each work schedule you can set from when and until when they apply, which days are being worked and how many hours per day.

Based on the created schedules, availabilities are presented on the dashboard, in the calendar and even in the calendar integrations such as Google and Microsoft 365.

Negative annual leave allowance

On-call employees don’t have permanent contract hours (per week). The big difference between your permanent employees and on-call employees is that on-call employees don’t build up an (statutory and exceeding the statutory) annual leave allowance. So when an on-call employee happens to be working on holidays and compulsory days off, a negative annual leave allowance might be created. You can visit the leave report to see how this has been created.

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